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Book no.1


Aurora Garner and Eva Star are former college roommates investigating the link between missing tomato shipments and heinous crime activity. They find themselves in numerous predicaments as they delve into the seedy world of drugs, kidnapping and murder.

Things heat up when Aurora meets Connor Anderson. Connor is working on the tomato farm but he appears to be hiding a secret and can’t be trusted. The attraction between Aurora and Connor becomes explosive and filled with heat and desire, but will Aurora be burned when she learns the truth behind the man?

Following a lead, Aurora and Eva travel to Colombia, South America where they find themselves in danger of becoming permanently silenced. Can they make it back to the States alive or will fate seal their death sentence? Find out in Blood Red Tomatoes.


The crew is back and they're in New York City. Aurora finds herself in another rotten situation. Eva and the gang scramble to solve the mystery before Aurora gets caught in the trap.

Book no.2
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